DASCOM Provides CORBA ORB Interoperability

DASCOM Inc. announced its ability to provide secure interoperability across Object Request Broker (ORB) implementations from multiple vendors, providing single sign-on and authorization policy management solutions for the corporate environment, including Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), Web, and legacy applications. "Although individual ORB vendors have addressed the security issue at varying levels for their own products, there remains a tremendous need in the e-business market for a solution that normalizes security services for CORBA environments that involve ORBs from multiple vendors," says Diana Kelley, Hurwitz Group Inc.'s senior security analyst. DASCOM IntraVerse provides application-independent authorization services that are used by IntraVerse for CORBA (IVCorba) to provide secure interoperability among ORBs from multiple vendors. "By providing authorization as a service that can be accessed by any application, IntraVerse eliminates the need to create and manage authorization services for every application deployed. For larger organizations deploying many applications each year to user populations of \[more than\] 10,000 each time, this results in considerable savings," says Greg Clark, DASCOM chief technical officer. IVCorba provides deployment flexibility and full support for OrbixWeb and Inprise VisiBroker. Because IVCorba uses the IntraVerse framework, users can access control centrally for all its applications, avoiding duplication of effort and allowing delegation of management privileges based on business needs.

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