I’ve got a lot of SQL Server blog entries in the works, but I’m going a little lighter during the holiday season with a couple personal productivity postings.


Today’s entry was kicked off by a holiday season tradition I’ve been keeping since the late 1990’s – cleaning up my IE Favorites.  You know how that Favorites list can be.  It’s not uncommon for a lot of good links to go dead.  Other links get rerouted to a new URL.  And on top of those sorts of changes, I like to keep my Favorites nicely organized.  So now is the time for me to drag-n-drop all of those hastily created Favorites from the main dropdown list into a more accurately categorized folder.


So here are a couple excellent articles to help make your IE experiences much more productive.  I already knew of few of these tips, presented by Mike Otey, but several of them are invaluable gems to be added to my repertoire.  See how you like them:


  • Top 10 IE Tips and Tricks – Windows IT Pro Instant Doc #42598.  This article includes really cool tips, like sending a webpage via email and how to set a non-default homepage for your IE browser.

  • Top 10 IE Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows IT Pro Instant Doc #44090.  This article includes other handy tips such as how to jump from anywhere in a URL back up to the IE Address Line.


Since these are Windows IT Pro or SQL Server Magazine articles, you can simply type the Instant Doc number into Instant Doc search at the top of the page.


Warm wishes for a happy New Year!



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