Comshare Solutions Support Windows 2000

Comshare announced its support for Windows 2000 and says it has submitted its solutions for BackOffice Logo certification and is integrating its solutions with SQL Server and Microsoft Excel 2000. Comshare bases its Comshare Web platform on Microsoft’s Windows Distributed interNet Applications (DNA) architecture, which optimizes Comshare’s applications for Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). Comshare’s e-business solutions for management planning and control will take advantage of Windows 2000’s powerful scalability, reliability, and performance. “Microsoft DNA 2000 architecture forms the basis of Comshare’s solutions, which run on Windows 2000 and support Excel 2000 and SQL Server,” says David King, Comshare senior vice president and CTO. “Our customers will benefit from these Microsoft technologies through the outstanding value they provide in their ability to harness the Web’s power, especially for management planning and control.”

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