AWE Lets You Increase SQL Server Memory

Microsoft announced that SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition can use Microsoft Windows 2000 Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) to access approximately 8GB of memory for instances that run on Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server and approximately 64GB for instances that run on Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter. With AWE, SQL Server can reserve memory that the OS and other applications aren't using. Each instance that uses this reserved memory must statically allocate the memory it needs. For example, SQL Server can use AWE-allocated memory only for the data cache, not for such needs as executables, drivers, and DLLs. To learn about adding memory to SQL Server and the limits of AWE memory, read the Microsoft article "HOW TO: Configure Memory for More Than 2 GB in SQL Server" at;en-us;274750 .

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