Automate Batch Job and Task Scheduling with JAMS 4.5

This product offers enhanced reporting and SharePoint support

With the current state of the economy, companies are looking for ways to control and cut costs. That’s why many companies are turning to business process automation tools, such as MVP Systems’ JAMS, to automate complex business processes, integrate applications, and get rid of unnecessary processes. (For more information about the benefits of business process automation, see Microsoft’s "Routes of Adoption: Process Automation.") A new version of the batch job and task scheduling solution JAMS 4.5 is now available from MVP Systems for download. According to MVP Systems, JAMS is the only batch job scheduling tool that was built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and works by automating mission-critical business processes across multiple applications and platforms. It also provides you with a centralized view of all the business processes in your organization.

JAMS 4.5 includes new reporting features such as a Report Generator that you can use to create custom reports containing current, generated, historical, and definition data and an Integrated Reports Viewer that lets you generate reports. You can also use the Integrated Report Viewer to automate report generation using a JAMS Job definition.

Other enhancements found in JAMS 4.5 include SharePoint support, an improved UI that now provides a "Ribbon" toolbar, AJAX-based web controls, the ability to display schedules via a Gantt chart, improved auto failover of the JAMS Scheduler between standalone machines, and improved dependency support and trigger support. In addition, this version can execute both compiled and XOML workflows and supports persisting idle workflows. You can download JAMS 4.5 from

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