ARTech Case Study: Easing Development for SQL Server CE

Thinking about developing applications with SQL Server CE? You might be interested in a solution from ARTech. ARTech, which offers developer tools for knowledge-based database projects and application development, wanted to enhance the capabilities of its rapid application development (RAD) tool, DeKlarit. To DeKlarit, an add-on to Visual Studio .NET, ARTech added support for SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition databases and Windows Forms for the .NET Compact Framework. ARTech's tool generates the business-logic layer for a Compact Framework application, implements typed databases for the .NET Compact Framework, then auto-generates the user interface by creating Windows Forms. To see how DeKlarit facilitates SQL Server CE development, read the Microsoft case study "Code Generator Eases Development for SQL Server CE, .NET Compact Framework Forms" at 

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