Arrow Electronics Standardizes on Bluestone Software

Bluestone Software Inc. announced that Arrow Electronics Inc. will standardize its global intranet applications infrastructure on Bluestone’s Total-e-Business platform, Sapphire/Web Application Server framework, and Bluestone XML Suite Integration Server. “The size of our organization demands a platform that can manage high transaction volumes, deliver high availability, and scale reliably to support our dynamic growth,” says George Garone, Arrow Electronics’ vice president of information systems services. “More importantly, we needed a cross-platform architecture that can seamlessly integrate with our existing systems …” “\[Arrow Electronics\] is looking to intranet and other e-business applications for sustained growth and market leadership,” says John H. Capobianco, Bluestone Software’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer. Arrow Electronics serves suppliers, OEMs, and commercial customers through 225 sales facilities and 19 distribution centers in 37 countries.

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