Any readers live in or near Charlotte?

If you live in or near Charlotte, then I'd like to invite you to my next in-person speaking engagement.  My employer is putting on a "Breakfast with the Expert" on the morning of Tuesday, June 19th, at the Hilton City Center.  All of the details, such as times and registration info, can be found at  I'll be talking about surviving the data avalanche as Microsoft SQL Server databases seem to be growing ever larger and, in a second session, techniques for optimal disk IO tuning on SQL Server.  The morning long session will include breakfast, it's free, and it'll get you out of work for the morning!

And if you enjoyed my last webcast on Top 10 Mistakes on SQL Server, I encourage you to join me for my first deeper exploration of the topic at 1:00 pm CDT tomorrow in a webcast called Top 10 Mistakes of Database Design on SQL Server.  In this session, I'll cover topics such as:

  • Identifying the issues that can arise from relying on modeling tools
  • Discuss the 10 most common modeling issues you will face when transforming data models from logical (conceptual) to physical
  • Describe how to correctly identify and resolve serious problems
  • Provide best practices to resolve issues
  • Find out more details and register at



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