All About SQL PASS

At the annual PASS Summit, SQL Server Magazine chats in this podcast with PASS Board member Bill Graziano about the history of PASS, the volunteer nature of the organization, and its members' PASSion for SQL Server.

Here are a few facts about PASS supplied by their public relations team:


136 Chapters worldwide

  • 67 in North America
  • 14 in Central and South America
  • 15 in Asia
  • 8 in Australia/New Zealand
  • 30 in Europe
  • 2 in the Middle East

70% increase in Chapters over the past year


  • 30% growth in membership over the past year (over 32,500 members)
  • Free membership

Board of Directors

  • 14 Directors on the Board of Directors
  • 3 Executives: President, Exec VP Finance and Technology, VP Marketing, Immediate Past President
  • 7 Directors-at-Large
  • Up to 4 Founding Members (3 currently)

PASS Website

  • Beta site launched September 24, 2008
  • New look and feel; improved UI
  • New interactive features: PASSTips, Technical Articles, events calendar, RSS feed, PASS blog, PASSPort
  • Gated content

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