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2015 IT/Dev Connections Data Platform and Business Intelligence Track Sessions Announced

The 2015 IT/Dev Connections Data Platform and Business Intelligence sessions have been announced.  We're taking a first peek at who will be providing knowledge and guidance at this year's event at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas.

Data Platform and Business Intelligence Sessions

The 2015 IT/Dev Connections conference returns to the Aria Resort in Las Vegas September 14-17, 2015.  The sessions and speakers for all tracks were announced at the end of last week so we're taking time here to take an initial look at the SQL Community leaders that will be providing knowledge and guidance at this year's event.

Allen White - Practice Leader, UpSearch

Get Near Realtime ETL with Service Broker

Scalable Application Design with Service Broker


Andrew J. Kelly - Mentor, SolidQ

Squeezing the Most out of Row & Page Compression

TempDB 101 Plus


Andy Leonard - Chief Servant Officer, Linchpin People

Designing an SSIS Framework

DevOps and Data Integration with SSIS


Argenis Fernandez - SQL Server Solutions Architect, Pure Storage

(Near) Zero-Downtime Upgrades

Hacking Into SQL Server Instances For Fun And Profit


Ben DeBow - CEO, Fortified Data

Benchmarking Your SQL Server Environment

Designing Consolidated SQL Server Implementations


David Klee - Founder and Chief Architect, Heraflux Technologies

Benchmarking Your SQL Server Environment

Handle with Care: Virtual SQL Servers


Denny Cherry - Principal Consultant, Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

Index Internals

Thing You Should Never Do In Microsoft SQL Server


Eddie Wuerch
Principal, Enterprise Architect, Salesforce.com Marketing Cloud

A Day in the Life of a Row: Internals Deep Dive

From Zero to AlwaysOn in About an Hour


Grant Fritchey - Product Evangelist, Redgate Software

Query Performance Tuning and Azure SQL Database

The Database: The Elephant in the ALM Room


Itzik Ben-Gan - T-SQL Trainer, SolidQ

Beautiful Queries

Seek and you shall Scan – what you need to know about these access methods


Jen Underwood - Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft

Developing Actionable Analytics for Mobile Devices

Diving Deeper into the Power BI Platform


Jes Borland - Senior SQL Server Engineer at Concurrency, Inc.

Moving from Profiler to Extended Events

The Efficient DBA: Automating Your Job


John Sterrett - Group Principal and Sr. Consultant at Linchpin People

Evaluate your Daily Checklist Against 100+ instances of SQL Server while you get a cup of coffee

Table Partitioning: The Secret Weapon for Your BIG Data Problems


Josh Fennessy - Solution Architect, BlueGranite

ELT with Pig -- Managing Data Transformations in "Load First" Environments.

SQL is Dead, Love Live SQL! Bring Order to Chaos with Hive and Hadoop


Kevin Kline - Director of Engineering Services, SQL Sentry

SQL Server Internals and Architecture

Top 10 DBA Mistakes on SQL Server


Meagan Longoria - BI Solution Consultant, BlueGranite

Overcoming Chartaphobia: Moving Your Organization Toward Interesting and Enlightening Data Viz

Who needs SSAS when you've got SQL?


Michael Fal - Senior Database Administrator, Xero

Improving Database Restores with Powershell

The Scalable SQL Server Enterprise


Michael Otey - President, TECA, Inc.

Creating AlwaysOn Availability Groups in Azure

Creating AlwaysOn Synchronous, Asynchronous and Read-Only Replicas


Phil Wilcock - Co-Founder, 2Pint Software

Azure Machine Learning for the Enterprise


Stacia Misner - Principal Consultant, Data Inspirations

Anatomy of the DAX Query Plan

Turning Requirements into a BI Prototype


Steve Jones - Editor, Red Gate Software

Branching and Merging Database Code

Intermediate T-SQL: Window Functions


Thomas LeBlanc
Data Warehouse Architect (SQL Server), eQHealth Solutions

Attributes & Hierarchies in Analysis Services 2014

Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks for Displaying a Multidimensional Cube




Of Course there is More to Life than Data

One of the great things about IT/Dev Connections is that it brings together experts and communities spanning technologies and platforms throughout Information Technology.  While of course data is the most important atmosphere in IT (I might be biased in this regard) we're not alone.  Our value would not be accessible without other technologies working in concert and doing so in an optimal and informed fashion.  IT/Dev Connections allows all of us, across all technical disciplines, to learn complimentary technologies while also focusing on our primary areas of interest.  In that regard I recommend taking some time to also review the offerings from the other tracks as well when evaluating your plans to attend IT/Dev Connections this September.

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