Using SharePoint? Who Isn't? - 10 Aug 2009

Is it possible to come up with 5 reasons why you're not?

So the New York Times has discovered SharePoint. Its article about SharePoint thriving in this deep recession is being linked to all over the web.

I’m a SharePoint cheerleader. (Okay, I’m working on the skirt and spandex top, but I've got some pompoms.) However, out of sheer contrariness, and maybe because it’s Monday, I’d like to see, just once, “Why we’re NOT using SharePoint.” Surely someone out there has a good reason or two or three why SharePoint isn't a part of their organization's life.

In the meantime, we've acquired some great SharePoint writers recently, who, like our established writers, are using SharePoint, troubleshooting SharePoint, and succeeding with SharePoint in ways that are smart and useful. You'll see articles by them coming up in a few weeks. Until then, here are some freebies to check out:

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