Troubleshooter: Using Windows Update on an Exchange 2000 Server

I tried to use Windows Update to apply Windows 2000 Server patches to my Exchange 2000 Server system. However, Windows Update refused to install some packages and displayed error 0x80070052 The directory or file cannot be created. Why?

Windows Update downloads its patches to a temporary directory on a local volume. On a vanilla Exchange 2000 server, Windows Update might select the M pseudo-drive, which the Exchange Installable File System (IFS) driver creates, as the temporary directory, in which case Windows Update will fail to expand and install the patch. You can get around this problem by making the M drive disappear before you try to install the updates. The easiest way is to use the Subst command in a command window:

subst /d m:

The Microsoft article "XADM: You Cannot Apply Some Windows Update Packages to an Exchange 2000 Server" (;en-us;q324872) describes this problem and workaround.

Stopping the Store also solves the problem. This solution might seem like an invitation to downtime, but bear in mind that many Windows Update patches require a reboot anyway. The Microsoft article "HOW TO: Remove the IFS Mapping for Drive M in Exchange 2000 Server" (;en-us;q305145) describes a more permanent solution that prevents the Exchange IFS from creating the M drive when the IFS starts.

TAGS: Windows 8
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