Troubleshooter--Removing Exchange 2000 Mailbox Stores

While experimenting with Exchange 2000 Server, I created some mailbox stores that don't have any useful data. I want to remove them, but Exchange System Manager (ESM) keeps telling me that I have to remove the database files manually. Which files do I remove, and where are they?

This requirement is a safety measure—and a good one. When you use ESM to select and remove a database, ESM removes the Active Directory (AD) objects that represent the database, but it doesn't remove the database file. Because the database file is still there, you haven't lost any important data until you remove the file (which, of course, you'd never do until you'd made a good backup—right?). Before you delete the database, you can check its location by looking at the properties of the mailbox or public folder store. After you've removed the store itself, the most likely place to find the database files is in \program files\exchsrvr\mdbdata. You need to delete the .edb and .stm files whose names match the name of the database you removed.

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