Troubleshooter--OWA 2000 Error Message

When we use Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2000, clicking Folders produces the error message Access is denied. Your browser security settings will not allow access to this folder from this page. How do we fix this problem?

This behavior is a flaw in OWA 2000. The problem occurs when you use a full DNS name to reach your server (e.g., instead of just the server's NetBIOS name. The OWA 2000 JavaScript links to the NetBIOS name of the server when you click Folders, and by default Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) doesn't allow passing data from one domain ( to another (mail). Microsoft will fix this problem in Service Pack 1 (SP1); if you don't have SP1, get the Zip archive at and replace program files\exchsrvr\exchweb\controls\navbar.js with the file from the Zip archive. Note that this fix isn't an official Microsoft fix.

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