Troubleshooter--Exchange as a List Server

Does Exchange Server include any mailing-list server functionality?

Exchange does a great job of handling the hardest task of list servers: SMTP connectivity. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't design Exchange to be a replacement for Majordomo, Lyris, or other list managers. Exchange doesn't include even the simplest feature you'd expect to see—automatic subscription and removal. Exchange 2000 Server's event sink architecture opens the possibility that some clever folks will write an event sink­based server (even if it's an interface to another product). Tony Redmond, "Using Exchange Server as a List Server," May 1999, explains how you can use a public folder, a distribution list, and Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) to perform some list server functions (e.g., information sharing). However, if you need a fully functioning list server, you need to look at third-party products.

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