Troubleshooter: Changing Folder Views and Hiding the Internet Newsgroups Folder

In Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 4 (SP4), when I post messages to the Internet Newsgroups folder under All Public Folders, the messages appear as conversations in Outlook. I can't seem to create this view in any other folder. Why do these messages appear as conversations, and is there a way to hide the Internet Newsgroups folder from my users?

You can control how each folder appears in Outlook regardless of whether you're viewing a mailbox folder or a public folder. Each folder can have a different view associated with it that controls what you see when you open the folder. By default, the Information Store (IS) stores the view for each user and each folder. To change the view for the Internet Newsgroups folder, go to Outlook's View menu and select Current View to choose a different view.

The IS automatically creates the Internet Newsgroups public folder. If you use the Internet News Server (INS) service for Exchange 5.5 or the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) service for Exchange 2000 Server, the newsgroups you subscribe to will appear as subfolders in the Internet Newsgroups folder. You can't delete or hide the Internet Newsgroups folder.

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