Reader to Reader: Outlook Delivery Delay

How often have you sent an email message and later wished you could have modified it? Outlook lets you do so.

Open Outlook and highlight your Inbox folder. Select Rules Wizard from the Tools menu. (Select Rules and Alerts in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.) In the dialog box that opens, click New. Select Check messages after sending and click Next.

Instead of selecting conditions to apply, click Next again to apply the rule to every message you send. In the Outlook Help box that opens, click Yes to confirm that you want the rule to apply to every message.

Select the defer delivery by a number of minutes check box. In the Rule description area, click a number of and select the number of minutes you want to delay delivery. Click OK.

Click Next and select the except if the subject contains specific words check box. Selecting this check box gives you the option of immediately sending messages that you specify. In the Rule description area, click specific words and enter the character you want to use to designate messages to send immediately (e.g., a period). Click Add, OK.

Click Next, enter a name for the rule you created, and click Finish. Click OK to apply the rule.

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