Reader to Reader - 03 Feb 2000

Inaccurate Mailbox Manager Message

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In "Control Mailbox Size with Mailbox Manager" (November 1999), Tony Redmond discussed the new utility in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 (SP3). I noticed one problem that could confuse your clients.

The report that Mailbox Manager sends to end users can mislead them. When I set Mailbox Manager to move messages to the System Cleanup folder, Mailbox Manager sends an email message to each mailbox it modifies. The lines of the message look like this:

*2 messages were moved to System Cleanup\Inbox\Test Folder.

*1 message was deleted from Inbox\Test Folder.

The first line of the Mailbox Manager message means that two of the messages in Inbox\Test Folder have reached their age limit and Mailbox Manager has moved them to the matching folder under System Cleanup. The second line refers to a different message in the System Cleanup folder structure that has reached its age limit. However, the second message is inaccurate because Mailbox Manager says that it has deleted the message from the originating folder instead of from the folder under System Cleanup. Your clients need to be aware of this behavior, or you might receive a flood of calls to your Help desk the first few times you run the utility.

—Jon Reopelle
[email protected]

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