Outlook: Viewing Only Recent Messages in OWA

I'm on several mailing lists. Because of limited space in my Exchange mailbox, I use rules to move mailing-list messages to folders in a .pst file. But I've begun using Outlook Web Access (OWA) and want to see my mailing-list messages when I log on to OWA. Can I display the most recent messages in OWA without filling up my mailbox?

A: I suggest a two-tiered system. For the first tier, modify the Rules Wizard rules to move the mailing-list items into folders in your mailbox—probably one folder per mailing list. For the second tier, right-click the mailbox folder, choose Properties, then click the AutoArchive tab. Set the folder to archive to a .pst file dedicated to your mailing-list messages. You might need to adjust the AutoArchive interval (Tools, Options, Other, AutoArchive) so that Outlook archives the mailing-list data frequently enough to prevent your mailbox from running up against the storage limit.

This approach makes the most recent messages available through OWA while archiving older messages to the .pst file. If you know that several people in your company subscribe to the same mailing list, consider asking the Exchange administrator to set up a public folder that subscribes to the list.

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