Outlook: Using the Outlook Organizational Forms Library

What's the recommended way to use the Outlook Organizational Forms Library? Our organization is large, and we have a lot of forms in that library.

The Organizational Forms Library doesn't give you any way to show specific forms to only certain people, but you can categorize your forms and thus let users locate the form they need more easily. While the form is in design mode, as Figure 1 shows, switch to the (Properties) tab, then use the Category and Sub-Category fields to classify the form by using whatever scheme makes sense for your organization. For example, you might assign a category to each division or department and let each group determine its own subcategory scheme. You should also explain to users how to view the category hierarchy. When they use the Tools, Forms, Choose Form command to select a form from the Organizational Forms Library, the available forms typically appear in a simple alphabetical list. To view the forms by category, users must click the right-most button at the top of the Choose Form dialog box, as Figure 2 shows.

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