Outlook Tips--Batch Changing Calendar Items

Several of my Calendar items are in the same category. How do I change each of them from being a one-time event to an annual event?

Let's say you set up a few holidays in your Calendar, gave them all the category Holiday, and now want to change them from one-time events to annual recurring events. The easiest way to make a batch change of one property is to start with a view that groups by the property that you want to change. In this case, use the View, Customize Current View, Define Views command to create a new table view that groups by the Recurrence field, then by the Categories field. Expand the Recurrence: (none) group to see the category headings. (You don't need to see the individual items.) Drag the category heading for the category you want to change to the Recurrence: Yearly group. Outlook will change the Recurrence property for all the items in that category.

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