Outlook: Setting Up a Calendar Solution for Boss and Assistant

I'm trying to set up a calendar solution for my boss and his new assistant. Currently, the assistant can share the boss's calendar, but I want the assistant to be able to view the calendar offline. Can you help?

Your offline folders can contain folders only from the primary mailbox or Public Folders. You can't take folders from a secondary mailbox offline. Potential workarounds depend on whether the assistant has full access to the boss's mailbox.

If the assistant has full access, he or she can create a new Outlook profile to connect directly to the boss's mailbox, then configure that mailbox for offline use. To switch between the assistant's profile and the boss's mailbox profile, the assistant will need to shut down Outlook.

If the assistant doesn't have full access, he or she can copy everything from the boss's calendar folder into a folder in his or her own mailbox and can then take that folder offline. You can simplify the procedure of copying items from a calendar folder if you display the folder in a table view (e.g., By Category).

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