Outlook: Placing a Link in Outlook Email Signatures That Connects to an Exchange Public Folder

My company would like its employees to be able to place a link in their Outlook email signatures that connects to an Exchange Server public folder, in which the entire employee directory—complete with employee photos—would reside. Any suggestions?

Text links let you see exactly what you're connecting to. To link to an employee's Outlook folder entry, you can add a text link to the signature. For example, the text link

<Outlook://Public Folders/All Public Folders/
Employees/~Jones, Linda>

connects to the entry for Jones, Linda. Notice the tilde (~) that precedes the contact's name. Look at the entry's Subject field to determine whether you need to use the Jones, Linda format or the Linda Jones format. Because such links work only inside your Exchange organization, you won't be able to use this type of link in external correspondence.

The free Outlook Linker tool simplifies the process of inserting such links into Outlook items. To obtain Outlook Linker, go to http://www.intouchsoftware.com/products/ollinker/ollinker.htm.

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