Outlook: Hiding Items from Delegates

How can I let an assistant read an executive's mail but not see any messages marked Private or Confidential?

To hide an appointment from someone who has permission to view the Calendar folder in your Exchange mailbox, select the Private check box at the lower-right corner of the appointment. You can use the same technique to restrict access to your Inbox. To mark a mail message as private, either right-click the message in the list of Inbox items and choose Options or, from an open message, click Options, then use the Sensitivity drop-down list at the top of the Options dialog box to mark the item Private.

If you receive messages marked Confidential that you want to hide from delegates, you can use a Rules Wizard rule to move items marked Confidential to a separate folder that delegates don't have permission to view. Such a rule, which Figure 3 shows, runs on Exchange even when you don't have Outlook open.

TAGS: Security
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