Outlook: Getting All the Header Fields in Unsent Messages to Print

Why doesn't Outlook 2002 print the To, From, and Subject fields when I print a new message that I'm composing?

If you don't see these message header fields on printouts of unsent messages, you're probably using Microsoft Word 2002 as your email editor in Outlook—a configuration that's known as WordMail. WordMail is the default editor in Office XP, but WordMail's behavior in Microsoft Office XP has changed somewhat from WordMail's behavior in Office 2000. The missing header fields in printouts of unsent messages is one side effect.

You can turn off WordMail by choosing Tools, Options, Mail Format and clearing the Use Microsoft Word to edit email messages check box. If you then compose a message in the regular Outlook editor, the printout will include those header fields.

If you prefer to keep using WordMail but you still want those header fields on your printouts, print the message after you've sent it. The copy in the Sent Items folder prints with the To, From, and Subject fields.

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