Outlook: Displaying a Contacts Folder Other Than the Default

How can I configure the Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 navigation pane so that when I click Contacts, a Public Folders contacts folder appears as the default?

The first time you click Contacts in the navigation pane during an Outlook session, Outlook displays the default Contacts folder in your Exchange mailbox (or whatever information store is your default store). If you choose a different folder later during that session, Outlook will remember that choice when you return to the Contacts area. But you can't tell Outlook to display a nondefault contacts folder the first time you visit the Contacts area during a session.

I have a suggestion for Microsoft about how to add this feature. The Contacts area of the navigation pane lets you reorder the contacts folders listed under My Contacts by dragging them to their new location. Right now, that order has no special meaning. Why not add some meaning to the order by displaying the folder that the user places at the top of the list—instead of displaying the default Contacts folder—when the user initially clicks Contacts in the navigation pane?

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