Outlook: Changing a Search Folder's Scope

How can I change the scope of the Unread Mail search folder in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003?

The rules that apply to Advanced Find searches also apply to search folders: You can search multiple folders that exist in the same Exchange mailbox or Personal Folders (.pst) file. Typically, you'll want the Unread Mail search folder to monitor your Inbox plus any folders that you use with Outlook rules to organize mail from specific senders or about particular topics. To change the scope of Unread Mail or another existing search folder by adding folders, right-click the search folder, choose Customize This Search Folder, then click Browse to locate the folders you want to add, as Figure 2 shows.

You can also create a new search folder with new search criteria and scope by right-clicking Search Folders and choosing New Search Folder. Another way to create a new search folder is to run a search with Advanced Find to test your criteria and folder selections, then choose File, Save Search as Search Folder.

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