Outlook: Accessing Documents and Web Sites from Outlook 2003

I've heard that Outlook 2003 doesn't offer a way to link to commonly used Web pages and other files. Is this true?

Yes and no. Unlike previous versions, Outlook 2003 is missing several features and commands that let you easily browse files on your computer or visit favorite Web sites. However, Outlook 2003 still has a Web toolbar (click View, Toolbars) that lets you go to your personal start page and enter Web addresses or select sites from a drop-down list of pages you've visited recently. You can also create shortcut lists of your Internet favorites that correspond to the Outlook Bar shortcut lists in earlier versions. Click the Shortcuts icon, then click Add New Group to add a new group named Internet Favorites. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), then click Favorites to display your favorite links in a navigation pane. You can then drag any favorite link to the shortcut group in Outlook to create your own list of favorite sites that you can view with Outlook's built-in browser, as Figure 1 shows. To rename any of these shortcuts, right-click the shortcut and choose Rename.

To customize the Web toolbar, click Views, Toolbars, Customize to add buttons for My Computer and My Documents. Clicking these buttons opens your folders within Windows Explorer, not within Outlook, but this process will probably be faster than minimizing Outlook to find files or folders another way.

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