NetPro's Exchange Solution Route

“The massive number of e-mails that go through an organization each day makes managing the Exchange system increasingly complex and time-consuming. That goes without saying. But keeping up with system upgrades and configuration changes is a whole other story,” says NetPro’s Brad Hibbert, vice president of strategy. NetPro believes its new offerings can help ease Exchange admins’ pain.

Known for its Active Directory (AD) expertise, NetPro is making a major move into the Microsoft Exchange market. NetPro’s Exchange solutions, some of which are already shipping and others which will ship later this spring, variously help you manage, migrate to, analyze, monitor, recover, and archive in your Exchange universe.

NetControl for Exchange, shipped February 5, leverages NetPro’s service-oriented architecture to help admins nail down the who, what, where, when, and why of Exchange users.

NetMigrate for Exchange, also shipped February 5, offers help in migrating to Exchange 2007, with minimal impact on users.

ChangeAuditor for Exchange 4.5, due in March, builds on NetPro’s existing ChangeAuditor for Exchange product, offering tracking and monitoring functionality for Exchange 2007.

NetControl for Exchange Archive and NetControl for Exchange Message-Level Recovery are due out later this spring and add pieces to the Exchange management puzzle with archiving and recovery functions.

Hibbert cited the increasing popularity of Exchange Server 2007 with customers. “A lot of folks are moving to Exchange 2007 because of compliance reasons,” Hibbert says. “Our existing customers asked for it, and it means we can leverage our technology and distribution.”

Pricing starts at $6 per seat for NetControl, $18 per seat for NetMigrate, plus a maintenance percentage, and the solutions will also be available as a suite. For more information see

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