Keeping the Door Open to Exchange Server 2003

Stay current on Exchange 2003—but keep an eye toward the future

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve covered Exchange Server 2007 a lot in recent Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP articles, so much so that some readers have reminded me that they’re still on Exchange Server 2003 and will be at least in the near future. They want to make sure that their Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP subscription provides enough value for them by delivering relevant information. Understandably, if you’re managing an Exchange 2003 organization, your day-to-day concerns revolve around that system. How can you think about Exchange 2007 when you spend all your time performing a seemingly endless succession of tasks all related to keeping your company’s Exchange 2003 mail services up and running smoothly for end users?

Choosing the content to publish in Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP requires that I strike a balance between providing information geared toward current needs of the bulk of subscribers and covering the new technology that will help you stay current in your career. If you scan the Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP archives from the past six months, you’ll find 12 regularly scheduled feature articles, out of a total of 24, plus Q&As related to Exchange 2003 and/or Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. But Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP isn’t only about the content you can see on the home page. The article archives is a gold mine of information about Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003 (and earlier versions). (For a sampling of Exchange 2003 content from our archives, see the list at the end of this article.) You can access articles prior to January 2007 either via the Features menu item at the top of every Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP page or by doing a keyword search via the Windows IT Pro Web site.

Although you might be on Exchange 2003 now, chances are you’ll be moving to Exchange 2007 at some point. When you’re ready to make that move, you’ll need Exchange 2007 articles—and you’ll find them in our online archives as well as the more current article lineups. Rest assured that Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP will continue to include fresh content on Exchange/Outlook 2003 while providing articles to prepare you for the transition to Exchange 2007 that’s likely in your future.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and responses to Perspective. Email me at [email protected]. Have a great month!

—Anne Grubb, Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP Editor

A Sampling of Exchange/Outlook 2003 Articles from Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP

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