Creating a Template with Some Names in the To Box and Some in the Cc Box

Because I manage many simultaneous projects, I'd like to set up distribution lists (DLs) in Microsoft Outlook with some names in the To box and some in the Cc box and with a specific project number in the Subject field, depending on which DL I'm using. How can I set up this format?

A DL is merely a collection of addresses—you can't designate that some names on a DL will be To addresses and some Cc addresses. You could, of course, create two different lists for a project number (e.g., name one list Project 110 To and the other Project 110 Cc), and put one list in the To box and the other in the Cc box on outgoing messages.

An easier solution is to create a custom form with the addresses you want in the To and Cc boxes and include a project-related subject. Then you can either use the File, Save As command to save the form as an .oft template file or publish the form to your Personal Forms library.

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