Creating a Contact and Adding It to a DL

When I create a new contact, I sometimes also need to add it to a personal distribution list (DL). Is there a way to create a contact and add it to a DL at the same time?

Yes. Open the DL and click the Add New button. Provide the contact's name and address, then check the Add to Contacts box. When you click OK, Outlook will create the new contact in the Contacts folder in your mailbox and add that contact to the DL.

In Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, you aren't limited to adding the new contact to your default Contacts folder. Open the DL and click the Select Members button. Click Advanced, then New. (Earlier versions don't have the Advanced button.) In the New Entry dialog box, choose New Contact under Select the entry type. Under Put this entry, select In the, then choose the contacts folder in which you want to save the item, as Figure 1 shows. When you click OK, the new contact dialog box will appear. Fill in the details, then click Save. After saving the contact, Outlook will return you to the Select Members dialog box, where you can choose the new contact and add it to the DL.

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