Configuring URLScan to Support Specific Products

Be aware that if you use products such as Microsoft Biztalk Server 2000, Commerce Server, SharePoint Portal Server, or Small Business Server (SBS); if you access Microsoft Exchange Server through IIS; or if you use FrontPage Server Extensions, you must configure urlscan.ini so that it doesn't reject the verbs, headers, or file extensions that these products require. For help in configuring URLScan correctly for these products, read the following files, which come with the IIS Lockdown tool: urlscan_biztalk.ini, urlscan_commerce.ini, urlscan_sharepoint_portal.ini, urlscan_sbs2000.ini, urlscan_exchange5_5.ini and urlscan_exchange2000.ini, and urlscan_frontpage.ini, respectively. For more information about installing URLScan on Exchange servers, read the Microsoft articles "XCCC: IIS Lockdown and URLscan Configurations in an Exchange Environment" and "XADM: Known Issues and Fine Tuning When You Use the IIS Lockdown Wizard in an Exchange 2000 Environment". For additional tips about using URLScan with FrontPage Server Extensions, go to

If you use non-Microsoft add-ons such as Macromedia ColdFusion, make sure you enable the necessary verbs, headers, and file extensions for that product. For tips about integrating URLScan and ColdFusion, go to

Before you deploy URLScan, I highly recommend that you search the Internet for more information about how URLScan affects any add-on product you use on your Web server. You want to learn early on about any concerns regarding URLScan's coexistence with those products.

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