Best Messaging Products - 09 Sep 2002

Perhaps not surprisingly, our Windows-focused readers chose Microsoft's Windows Messenger as their instant messaging medium of choice.

Windows XP Professional with Windows Messenger lets you communicate with friends and colleagues in real time using text, audio, video, and other collaborative tools. You can send files and documents using Windows Messenger. With a button click, you can start a video session to see whom you're talking with, and to share a whiteboard or application.

Face-to-face communication makes business calls more effective and improves relationships with colleagues and customers. And you can be more efficient and more productive by working with others on documents in real time.

Microsoft Corp.
Redmond, WA
(425) 882-8080
Price: Free

Rockliffe's MailSite captured slightly more than 30 percent of the vote to win a Readers' Choice Award in the category Best Mail Servers.

Rockliffe MailSite SP is scalable, high-performance, and high-availability email and list server software for service pro-viders. MailSite SP delivers a comprehensive set of features including SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP3, anti-spam, anti-relay, virus scanning, Web messaging, and a WAP wireless client. MailSite SP integrates with several billing systems and scales to support hundreds of thousands of subscribers on a cluster of Windows 2000 servers.

MailSite LE is for medium and large enterprises. MailSite SE is for small enterprises. Both versions of MailSite run on Windows 2000 and deliver a comprehensive set of features including SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP3, anti-spam, anti-relay, content filtering, virus protection, Web messaging, and a WAP wireless client.

Rockliffe, Inc.
Campbell, CA
Price: Rockliffe MailSite SE starts at $595
Rockliffe MailSite LE starts at $1,995
Rockliffe MailSite SP starts at $5,000 per mailbox

Against several contenders, NetIQ's AppAnalyzer captured more than 40 percent of the vote for Best Mailserver Administration Utilities.

NetIQ AppAnalyzer, a Web-based reporting and analysis solution built on Microsoft .NET architecture, helps messaging administrators and IT managers monitor and manage usage of Microsoft Exchange Server.

AppAnalyzer helps manage message content and provides comprehensive data about Exchange Servers located across an enterprise, including message traffic analysis, message delivery times, historical and current mailbox and public folder storage data, and chargeback information.

NetIQ Corp.
San Jose, CA
(408) 856-3000
Price: $600 for a 100-user mailbox pack, plus a $2,500 charge for the WebAdmin console for up to five users

As the best solution to manage workflow, our readers chose EchoMail's Customer Care/Business Intelligence (CC/BI), which provides email communications management in a proven ROI model. EchoMail clients can automatically respond to a customer's email inquiry within two hours with a 95 percent accuracy rate.

Based on decades of research, CC/BI is easily scalable, offering rapid deployment without the need for extensive client training or expensive, specialized hardware. Using innovative technology, CC/BI automatically manages, routes, and tracks inbound email. CC/BI categorizes content by attitude, issue, request, sender type, and product or service that can be integrated with existing customer data to perform intelligent targeted outbound responses.

Clients can develop user-defined classifications and access real-time data analysis, multi-dimensional reports, and tracking features at will.

EchoMail, Inc.
Cambridge, MA
(617) 354-8585
Price: EchoMail CC/BI pricing is dependent on a number of factors, including volume and service level agreements. The average cost of initial set-up varies, depending on client needs; monthly fees are based on volume and other client-specified requirements.
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