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SunbeltTaking the prize in this new category with 46 percent of the votes, Sunbelt Software's iHateSpam Server Edition (SE) provides enterprisewide spam detection with fast setup, high detection, low false positives, a constantly updated spam engine, tunable parameters, and customizable spam treatment. The program, which also won Rookie of the year, page 43, supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server as a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, and the upcoming gateway edition will also support Exchange Server 5.5 and other SMTP servers.

No client software is needed; you simply associate users with an iHateSpam policy template. The product's constantly updated antispam engine uses built-in content-based filters and leverages the Learning Network, comprised of tens of thousands of users who use Sunbelt's client versions to report spam. You can fine-tune the product's aggressiveness and add to the antispam engine by creating custom rules, whitelists, and blacklists or by blocking certain character sets. End users can also create whitelists or blacklists, which the server software then automatically uses to filter spam for each user.

iHateSpam Server Edition (SE)
Sunbelt Software
Clearwater, Florida
727-562-0101 or 888-688-8457
Starts at $395 for 25 mailboxes, with sliding scale pricing down to $4 per mailbox; educational discounts are available
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