Use HUB with ASR

Use HUB with ASR

Q. I'm using Azure Site Recovery. How do I configure the VMs created via ASR to use Hybrid Use Benefit for licensing?

A. To use Hybrid Use Benefit (HUB) licensing for VMs a special switch is required as documented in FAQ "How can I create VMs in Azure that take advantage of Hybrid Use Benefit"?. To configure that for VMs created with Azure Site Recovery you use:

Set-AzureRmSiteRecoveryReplicationProtectedItem -ReplicationProtectedItem $ProtectedItem -LicenseType WindowsServer

Other useful PowerShell related to the above are shown below:

  • Find the azure site recovery vault – Get-AzureRmRecoveryServicesVault/ Get-AzureRmSiteRecoveryVault
  • Set the vault context – Set-AzureRmSiteRecoveryVaultSettings -ASRVault/-ARSVault
  • Get a list of fabrics in the vault – Get-AzureRmSiteRecoveryFabric
  • Get a list of Protection Containers in the fabric – Get-AzureRmSiteRecoveryProtectionContainer -Fabric $FabricObject
  • Get a list of protected machines in the protection container – Get-AzureRmSiteRecoveryReplicationProtectedItem -ProtectionContainer $ProtectionContainerObject.
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