Update: Microsoft Runs out of IPv4 Addresses – Or…Not

Update: Microsoft Runs out of IPv4 Addresses – Or…Not

I wrote just earlier today about how Microsoft stated a very recent issue with VMs in Microsoft Azure was due to actually running out of IPv4 addresses. Seems logical since we all know the IPv4 ranges are at a dead end. I think most would have just accepted Microsoft's original explanation and just moved on.

However, I received an email from a Microsoft representative just moments ago to tell me that Microsoft's original explanation was wrong and the communication has been updated. The original communication still exists, however, the entire post has been superseded by a corrective blurb. It reads:

The below blog misstated the situation around Microsoft Azure’s IPv4 address space in US regions. Currently, Microsoft has IPv4 space in US regions. That said, inventory space is a dynamic situation. In the past some customers were assigned non-US IPv4 addresses as a result of limited inventory.

We have already updated many major geo-location databases to ensure customers do not experience any confusion in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

I guess someone must've used a limited scope to develop the original explanation without vetting it with the messaging lords.

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