Understand new N series VMs

Understand new N series VMs

Q. What are the N series Azure VMs?

A. The Azure N series VMs were announced during AzureCon and introduce GPUs to Azure VMs for workloads that require GPU capabilities. The N series should be available in 2016 and will come in various combinations of CPU cores, memory, temporary SSD drive and GPU. The GPU capacity available ranges from one M60 GPU to four K80 GPUs. The details of the known VMs based on Microsoft's video available at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/videos/azurecon-2015-applications-that-scale-using-gpu-compute/ are as follows:

  N1 N10 N11 N12 N21
CPU Cores
6 6 12 24 24
RAM (GB) 64 64 128 256 256
SSD (TB) .5 .5 1 2 2
Network Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard and RDMA
GPU Resources 1 M60 GPU
(1/2 physical card)
1 K80 GPU
(1/2 physical card)
2 K80 GPUs
(1 physical card)
4 K80 GPUs
(2 physical cards)
4 K80 GPUs
(2 physical cards)
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