Resource - Planning for Azure Adoption in Your Organization

Resource - Planning for Azure Adoption in Your Organization

The cloud has been an option for quite a few years now and a lot of organizations have invested in it either as a hybrid solution or they have gone all in with moving their services from on-premise to the cloud.

Part of the challenge is planning for the necessary capacity, connectivity and security for cloud based services. It also requires a steep learning curve as administrators and managers learn new methods and tools for handling those off premise options.

Last October Microsoft published a white paper called Architecting your network for successful Azure adoption that helps you lay down the ground work in that planning process specifically when it comes to choosing Microsoft Azure as your off premise provider.

"The increasing shift of IT systems and workflows to the cloud benefits companies in multiple ways, from hardware and maintenance savings to increased scalability and easier implementation. Many enterprises are eagerly planning their cloud-based strategy for achieving newer, better systems for long-term IT success—and Microsoft is no different. Microsoft IT is discovering the ways that Microsoft Azure can benefit the implementation and operation of the line-of-business (LOB) applications it develops and infrastructure services it supports for their business customers."

The eight page Word document (339KB) is broken down into several areas to help you streamline your planning.

  • Situation
  • Solution
    • Solution Design Principles
    • Solution Architecture
  • Benefits
  • Best Practices
  • Resources
    • ExpressRoute
    • ExpressRoute Technical Overview
    • Expressroute Pricing and Telecommuincations Scenarios
    • Making Security a Priority When Moving to the Cloud
  • Related Videos
    • Delivering Results - How Microsoft IT Prepared Its Network for the Cloud

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