Resource: Get Free Training on Microsoft Cloud Technologies

Resource: Get Free Training on Microsoft Cloud Technologies

The Microsoft hands-on labs at is a resource that you should consider using for free training relating to Microsoft's cloud based services and products.

This site is divided into two areas - virtual classes and self-paced labs.

Under the virtual classes header there are currently only five options listed:

-- Getting Hands-on with Building Line-of-Business Application on Microsoft Azure
-- Getting Hands-on with Microsoft Azure Backup, Archive and Disaster Recovery
-- Getting Hands-on with Microsoft Azure Operations Management and Security
-- Getting Hands-on with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security
-- Getting Hands-on with Security in Microsoft Azure

These classes range in length from 2 1/2 to 4 hours and are available by a schedule which is based on your location in the world (North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

On the other side, there are currently 152 self-paced labs available for immediate access, with the exception of setup time which varies by lab, that you can choose from across these topic areas:

-- Administration
-- Application Platform Data
-- Deployment
-- Insights
-- IT & Cloud Infrastructure
-- Line of Business Applications
-- Management
-- Productivity

The audience for these labs are Enterprise Developers, IT Administrators and Implementers, IT Decision Makers, and IT Influencers.

Each lab description provides details such as products, duration, access time, and setup time. The labs range across knowledge levels from 100 to 400 to accommodate all skill levels and natural progression through the various lab setups for each product and/or service.


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