Poolable Entitlements with Azure Site Recovery

Poolable Entitlements with Azure Site Recovery

Q. Are the Azure storage and egress entitlements associated with each Azure Site Recovery license poolable?

A. Each Azure Site Recovery (ASR) license includes a certain amount of Azure storage, storage transactions and network egress. At the time of this writing these values are 100 GB, 1M and 100 GB, respectively. Consider the scenario of two VMs using ASR with one at 20 GB and the other at 160 GB. Would this result in a charge? The answer is no.

The entitlements with each ASR license are actually pooled across all protected environments. This means that two ASR licenses provide a pool of 200 GB of storage that can be shared between the two VMs. 10 ASR licenses would provide a pool of 1 TB shared over the 10 VMs - and so on. The same pooling occurs for the storage transactions and network egress as well. This allows the entitlement from smaller protected workloads to be used by the larger protected workloads.

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