Microsoft's Massively Open Online Courses will help you become well versed in the Azure Cloud

Microsoft's Massively Open Online Courses will help you become well versed in the Azure Cloud

The cloud is a reality for all organizations and if yours is not already on the cloud in some manner then it is likely that move is going to happen in the future.

That means as IT Pros and Management, you need to begin the process of becoming more familiar with the cloud services and Microsoft has established a collection of Massively Open Online Courses, something they call MOOCs for short, and these online classes will get you fully up to speed on all that Microsoft's Azure Cloud can offer your company.

There are three key courses that Microsoft recommends beginning with in your cloud education.

Azure Fundamentals

The Azure Fundamentals class will give you a basic understanding of Microsoft Azure to help you understand how it works and what services are provided with Azure.

During this class you will learn about Azure's structure as a service, virtual machines, networking, storage, identity services, and the Azure app service.

Azure for AWS Experts

In the Azure for AWS Experts class you will learn about Azure services but it will be provided as a translation to match Azure based services and how they line up with AWS services you already know about.

The comparison will help you learn more about both cloud services and give you information to make the decision on which service is best for you and your company.

Azure Storage

When you take the Azure Storage course you will learn about using this service with modern applications plus learn about its durability, availability, and scalability.

Covered in this course is virtual machine storage, unstructured storage (blobs), ans structured data.  They also cover managing the Azure storage services with backup, site recovery, and storage analytics.

The Azure Skills Training Catalog has courses in the following areas as well:

  • Cloud Administration
  • DevOps
  • Data & Analytics
  • Data Science

There are nearly 30 courses available right now and they have plans for 15 more to be added in 2017.

The collection of courses for learning more about Azure are extensive and will no doubt help you expand your knowledge of the Microsoft Cloud and how it can possibly be useful for your own company/organization.

Plus, at the price of free, it is just an investment of time in order to take advantage of the offered classes.

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