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Handling IP Addresses During Test Failovers with Azure Site Recovery

Q: How are IP addresses handled by Azure Site Recovery during a test failover?

A: The requirement is to keep the same IP address even during a failover. This is possible in the following scenarios:

  • For a site-to-Azure failover, provide a different Azure virtual network as the target that has the same virtual subnets and IP address ranges defined as production.
  • For site-to-site, you can either use network virtualization and use a different virtual network that uses the same IP address range as defined on the production network or you can use a different VLAN ID that doesn't have connectivity to the production network and that has the same IP address ranges as production.

Essentially, all of these methods use a separate network that isn't connected to production and that replicates the production IP address space, enabling the virtual machine to keep the IP address during a test failover.

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