Documentation for Azure Government Services from Microsoft

Documentation for Azure Government Services from Microsoft

Providing cloud based services for government agencies requires more than just making them available as security is a key aspect for government use of these types of services.

Microsoft Azure has received multiple certifications for its service and approval for use across several government agencies. You can read about those and other aspects of the cloud service at the Azure Government Documentation website.

The extensive documentation is broken down into the following areas:


  • What is Azure Government
  • ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations)
  • Justice and Public Safety
  • Department of Defense

Get Started

  • Developer Guide

How To

  • Plan
    • Security
    • Compliance
  • Manage
    • Images
    • Marketplace
    • Marketplace for Partners
    • Resource Manager
    • Operations Management Suite
    • Subscription


  • Services
    • Computer
    • Storage
    • Database
    • Networking
    • Security + Identity
    • Monitoring + Management
    • Web + Mobile


  • Pricing
  • Trial

All of this documentation is available through the Azure Government Documentation website or it can be downloaded for offline viewing (PDF file, 71 pages, 1.25MB).

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