Metalogix Acquires Idera's SharePoint Business

Metalogix Acquires Idera's SharePoint Business

SharePoint solution provider Metalogix announced it has acquired Idera’s SharePoint business. That includes Idera’s SharePoint products, customer base, related brands and assets. Key among those products are Idera’s SharePoint backup, which Metalogix plans to integrate with its StoragePoint storage optimization product. Metalogix will also utilize Idera’s SharePoint diagnostic manager, and other related Idera products.

Metalogix recently was in the news for its acquisition of Axceler, another SharePoint solution vendor. Idera will retain its SQL Server products as well as recently acquired CopperEgg and Precise Software business units.

Metalogix CEO Steven Murphy will host a public webinar on Thursday November 7 at 11 AM EST to discuss the Metalogix product roadmap. Register at the Metalogix link.

What does this say about Idera’s and Metalogix’s strategies? Will Idera be satisfied focusing on SQL Server? Is Metalogix going all in on on-premises SharePoint? Will it be a last hurrah before the age of the cloud and SharePoint is subsumed into Office 365? Or will we look back and congratulate Metalogix on its faith in on-prem and its prescience in following the path it appears to be started upon?

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