Your Weekend Reading: All Our Weekly Content in One Place (April 18-22, 2016) Getty Images

Your Weekend Reading: All Our Weekly Content in One Place (April 18-22, 2016)

We know, we know -- it can be really hard to keep up with the volume of stories we're posting on the site. This is where we come in: we're scooping up all our content and putting the links in one place so you can see what we posted this week, and what it all means for you.


Hands On with Settings App Changes in Windows 10 Mobile Build 14322 — This week Microsoft delivered the first new Redstone build of Windows 10 Mobile in three weeks.

Adjust Your Windows 10 Mobile Data Settings When Traveling Overseas — You can end up with a very big bill at the end of an overseas trip if your data settings are not correctly calibrated.

Windows 10 Mobile Development Runs Parallel Alongside Desktop Devices — Last week Microsoft delivered a robust Windows 10 Mobile build that delivered a significant number of Windows 10 Anniversary release features.

Five Image Editing Apps for Windows 10 Desktop and Mobile — Are there enough image-editing software options in the Windows Store that let you use the same app on both of these platforms in the Windows ecosystem? We found five highly-rated options.

Windows 10 Mobile Development Runs Parallel Alongside Desktop Devices — Now that the development of Windows 10 is across a common code base, Microsoft calls this OneCore, there should be a lot of feature parity across devices plus instances where features are closely tied together and complimentary between PC and Mobile.

Mobile - Windows 10 Insider Preview Build Tracker for 2016 — Now updated with information from Build 14327 for Mobile.


Turn Your Microsoft Band into a Remote Control for Your Tesla — A new app for Windows Mobile called Band for Tesla, supposedly turns the Microsoft Band into “a remote control for your Tesla Model S.” 

Tweet It! Gets Microsoft Band Tile Support — A big update to the Tweet It! app this week has brought Microsoft Band-specific support. When you enable the Microsoft Band option, a Tweet It! tile will be installed on the Band and all Tweet It! notifications will show up there.

Emily Chappell Taking Microsoft Band Along for the Transcontinental Race — In a new promotion, Microsoft Band is tagging along for an ultra-distance cycling marathon.

Control Your Home Using Your Microsoft Band — If you’re an iOS user who is also a Microsoft Band owner and have the Wink system installed in your home, a new app called, Band Buttons, will give you the ability to control certain functions of your home including lights, door locks, and garage doors.

Student Jailbreaks Microsoft Band 1 — b0n0n has devised and provided a recipe for modifying any of the code and data in Band 1 update to whatever you want.

Tech Data Partners to Bring the Microsoft Band into the Business Wellness Sector — Tech Data has worked a partnership with Microsoft to begin distributing the Microsoft Band 2 for use in corporate wellness programs, blue-light services, utilizes, insurance, healthcare, and health research sectors. This partnership makes Tech Data the exclusive B2B commercial distributor for the Microsoft Band 2 in the UK.


Two How-Tos to Make Taxtime Easier — Tax Day is Monday, April 18, 2016. For those of you who will be spending the weekend working out your 1040s, here are a few how-tos to bookmark for future reference.

What you need to know about Android encryption — Apple’s ongoing battle with the FBI has dominated technology news headlines. This battle's also raised legitimate questions about how safe user data is. So what’s the situation on Android?

Amazon Joins the Video Streaming Service Arena — The Seattle based company has decided to offer two of their key services as monthly subscription services.

Skype Goes Plugin Free on Microsoft Edge — Microsoft has updated the Skype desktop clients for PC and Mac users that enables plugin free calling through the Microsoft Edge browser.

Future Corrupted Windows Driver Installs Addressed in Redstone — It turns out this error today was indeed caused by a corrupt driver download in Windows Update and was likely related to the BSOD most users saw when they began the update process.

Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Users Report Issues with April 2016 Firmware Updates — Over the last couple of days Microsoft has issued April 2016 firmware and driver updates to the top four devices in their Surface line of hardware - Surface 3, Surface Pro 3/4 and Surface Book.

Here's a Peek at the New Windows 10 PCs Acer Announced — If you're looking for someplace to spend your tax refund or you want to upgrade your hardware before the next major Windows 10 update, a few companies have new computer options to consider.

Check out Microsoft's Document Sharing Website — An alternative to using OneDrive for sharing these documents with the public or a limited group of readers is to use Microsoft's website which is part of their free Office Online suite of products and services.

Q. What are the essential startup programs in Windows?



And a handy reminder that ICYMI rounds up all the tech news you might want to follow up on, plus a list of what we've published in the last 24 hours. This week, we covered: Cortana's beginnings as your newest operating system (April 18, 2016); Amazon squares off against Netflix (April 19, 2016); the Bot invasion goes multiplatform (April 20, 2016); Google challenges Microsoft's productivity tools (April 21, 2016); Microsoft's making its money on the future (April 22, 2016).

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