Yahoo! and Google Go Head-To-Head

When Google unveiled a more powerful version of its search engine last week, the company stole the spotlight from Yahoo!, which announced February 18 that it's ready to run its search engine without Google's help. Yahoo! has been licensing results from Google's search engine since June 2000, but the company hopes that with new technology Yahoo! will power nearly half of all online searches in the United States. Yahoo! expects its search engine to be far more comprehensive than it was while Google fed it; Yahoo! will implement upgrades to the engine that include antispam technology and the ability to access Yahoo! Search from My Yahoo! personal homepages.

With the addition of 1 billion pages to its Web index, Google's engine, the most popular on the Web, now spans 4.28 billion Web pages, up from 3.3 billion pages last week. According to an Associated Press (AP) article, Google's annual revenue is believed to range between $700 million and $1 billion. Yahoo reported $1.6 billion in revenue last year. Google's Web sites handled 35 percent of all Web searches in December, compared with 27 percent at Yahoo! sites and 15 percent at Microsoft sites, according to the latest data compiled by comScore Media Metrix, a research firm. AOL and other Web sites that Time Warner owns have a 16 percent share of searches. Those sites largely rely on Google for their search results.

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