Xbox Video for Windows Phone Can Now Access Camera Roll Videos

Xbox Video for Windows Phone Can Now Access Camera Roll Videos

Obvious in retrospect

Xbox Video received a nice little update last night that adds an obvious bit of functionality: You can now use the app to view the short videos you've taken with the handset's camera.

According to Microsoft, Xbox Video 2.6.407.0 for Windows Phone 8.1 (version 1.6.407.0 on Windows Phone 8) adds two new features:

Videos from your camera roll now appear in the Video app

Fixed an issue that caused the multi-select button to disappear when offline

The big one, of course, is that camera roll bit, so I was curious how that worked. If you're familiar with the Xbox Video app on Windows Phone, you know that your purchased and rented videos appear in the Collection view under My TV and My Movies. In the new version of Xbox Video, there's also a third area, Camera Reel, which shows the videos you've created on that device. (That is, it doesn't look at your OneDrive-based camera roll.)

As with My TV and My Movies, you can also tap a "view all" link to see just your personal video collection. (And you can swipe over to your TV shows and movies of course.)

And when you play back personally created videos, the normal Xbox Video playback experience is of course provided.

Why "Camera Reel" instead of "Camera Roll"? Because Xbox.

Still, a nice addition.

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