Xbox Music: Display Only the Music that is on the Device

Xbox Music: Display Only the Music that is on the Device

Again, only for Windows and Windows Phone

Here's a third look at a high-level task from the next version of "Paul Thurrott's Xbox Music." This is a follow-up to the previous task, Download Music for Offline Playback, and also applies only to Windows and Windows Phone.

Again, in the context of the book, "Windows" refers to Windows 8.1 and "Windows Phone" refers to Windows Phone 8.

This one is pretty straightforward.

Display only the music that is on the device

Applies to: Windows, Windows Phone

If you're offline—or, in the case of Windows Phone, perhaps using a metered cellular broadband connection—you may wish to view only that music that is on the device and available for offline play, instead of your entire collection. This music could have been downloaded from your cloud-based collection or previously acquired by ripping CDs or from other music services.


In any Collection view—Albums, Artists or Songs—tap the Filter drop-down and select On This PC.

To return to the normal view—you entire collection, including music on both the device and in the cloud—tap this Filter drop-down again and choose All Music. You can optionally view only that music that is available in the cloud as well.

Windows Phone

Open the Music + Videos hub and tap the More ("...") button in the app bar. Then, choose Settings from the app bar menu. In the Music + Videos Settings screen that appears, change the setting "Xbox Music cloud collection" to Off.

To reverse this change, reset "Xbox Music cloud collection" to On.

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