Worldwide Partner Conference: What was announced at the keynote Microsoft News Service

Worldwide Partner Conference: What was announced at the keynote

In this morning's keynote -- which moved briskly, for all the speakers and everything announced -- several new products and updates were announced. Here's what you need to know about right now:

Project GigJam: This software layer lets users pull specific information from different line-of-business apps and communications tools, share that information with different users, pull collaborators in via Skype or other electronic communications modes. It's the computerized equivalent of having someone compile relevant files, make personalized copies for different meeting attendees, then grab people and pull them into a meeting.

The Cortana Analytics Suite -- Available in the fall, this subscription service takes advantage of Microsoft's Azure ecosystem, its Power BI tools, machine learning and Cortana's digital assistant capabilities, all to offer customers both proactive and reactive speedy data analysis for things like customer churn or fraud detection.

The E5 Suite -- This is a new Enterprise Suite for Office 365 customers, and it will include "Skype for Business services such as Cloud PBX and Meeting Broadcast; Power BI & analytics features, like Power BI Pro and Delve Organizational Analytics; and new advanced security features, such as eDiscovery, Customer Lockbox, and Advanced Threat Protection."

The Cloud Provider Solution Program -- Reported Microsoft, "Microsoft will expand CSP to additional markets, bringing the total number of markets in which CSP is available to 131. Additionally, Azure and CRM Online will join Office 365, Windows Intune and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) as available services in the CSP."

The Surface Resellers Program -- Microsoft announced its intention to go from a "few hundred" Surface resellers to "a few thousand" over the next few months.

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